Prayer of comfort due
to loss of a loved one
circumstances which apply directly to you as you pray, or print it off
and write it in, copy it to your computer type in the names and pray
as led, and share and or modify it as necessary. Always be led by
God. You are free to use and replicate this and all other formated
prayers as necessary, please keep in mind the effort and time that
went into making them, and pray for the writers, and if so led by God
feel free to support this ministry of prayer here.

Almighty God, I come humbly before you with a broken and aching heart, God I
am a sinner saved by your grace, and right now I need you my Lord. God I need
point of be inconsolable, I have lost my
And the love I knew for him/her still is within me. God my prayer is not to forget
but to understand. I know deep down that your purpose and understanding is far
greater than what I think or want, but it is hard God, it is hard in this world of pain
and death, to deal with losing someone that encouraged me, and kept me
going. God I know you can get me through, but I really need you to get me
through, God without you, I would be totally lost in this, God send your angels to
minster to me, encamp around me, and protect my thoughts, for right now I am
vulnerable, and the enemy is going to try to lie and deceive me, and try to crush
me in my pain. Let me remember your word that gives love and hope, that faith
in you is the answer, God let me remember to be absent from the body is to be
present with the Father, and that even Paul, received the end of his life with joy
saying, I consider my death gain. Father, it is one thing to hear of death, to know
it from a distance, but Father this is so close, my heart is torn in two, get me to
the place where I can feel the joy in it, that there is no more tears, pain, fears,
weeping, or sickness for
_________________________________________________. And that when
I finish my race, and complete the course set out before me by Jesus Christ,  I
will see
___ in heaven with you at the great banquet of the Lamb. God I take joy in you
and your provision to us, that you will never leave nor forsake us, and that nothing
can separate us from your love, not even death. Let the love I feel for,
_____________________________________, be a reminder of the hope and
love I have in you, and what I truly have to look forward, God again comfort me as
only you can, and give me rest in your arms. In Jesus name, Amen Amen Amen.