Prayer to find
Below is a formated prayer, where you fill in the names and
circumstances which apply directly to you as you pray, or print it off
as led, and share and or modify it as necessary. Always be led by
prayers as necessary, please keep in mind the effort and time that
went into making them, and pray for the writers, and if so led by God
feel free to support this ministry of prayer here.
Heavenly Father I come before you in the name of Christ, knowing that Jesus
love you and allow your Spirit to live in me, I can pray and ask whatever I want
and you will grant it to me directly. Father I pray for my forgiveness, and I thank
you for it. God I also pray tonight for a job. God you know you have designed me,
and made me with gifts and talents and certain abilities, God I even have desire
in me to
my bills and meet all my financial obligations, but that I will personally feel
fulfilled, because I will do all my work unto you, serving God, by serving others,
that no matter where you place me, I will be your light, oh Lord I know that times
are rough, but you can and do show favor to those who are your children. I am a
child of God, I
am a son/daughter of God, and coheir with Christ Jesus in your riches and glory.
Father I know that we must continue to press forward and produce good works
before others that they might glorify you and be saved. God I pray no matter
where I go or what I do, I keep you forefront, that I never am embarrassed to
speak or share Jesus. That I confess that you have even enabled me to get the
job, and Father as you put the seed in my hand I will plant, I know that what we
reap is from what we have sown, those who plant or sow evil shall that they also
reap or harvest, but Father I commit to plant and sow good, showing the love
and generosity of you oh Lord, for every dollar I earn is a testimony to your
power, and I will bless others out of the abundance you bless me with, and I pray
you will show and tell me who and how to bless, when and where, that I will not
plant or sow out of season, and my harvest time will be plentiful, for your word
says he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who plants much will
also reap much. God my faith is in you and your word to me, that you will prevent
the enemy's plans from destroying my life and finances, that you will protect me
and my family, that this job you give me will be a blessing and not a burden. I
thank you now on faith in Jesus name I pray. Amen Amen Amen.