Prayer to find mate and become
Below is a formated prayer, where you fill in the names and and write
it in, copy it to your computer type in the names and pray as led, and
share and or modify it as necessary. Always be led by God. You are
free to use and replicate this and all other formated Below is a
formated prayer, where you fill in the names and prayers as
necessary, please keep in mind the effort and time that went into
making them, and pray for the writers, and if so led by God went into
making them, and pray for the writers, and if so led by God feel free
to support this ministry of prayer here.

Heavenly Father I come before you and first cleanse myself in your presence
where it says that you will be faithful and just to cleanse me from all
unrighteousness if I confess my sins to you. God even as I,
pray this, I stand if faith where you say that you will answer our prayers, that we
can ask anything in your will and you will supply it. God I know that if I seek your
righteousness and kingdom you will add all other things unto me. So God I ask
as I seek you may you add unto me my mate, today, __________________, I
pray for a help meet, a ___________________ that will be my partner not
only in love and life, but also in  you. Father I pray we will always keep you first
_______________________, so that we will be pleasing to you on our
wedding. Father I pray that you hear me and know me, that you know my
needs and weaknesses and strengths, Father in my heart I pray that the one
you have for me will complete my needs, and I will complete the needs of my
future  ___________________. There are many scriptures referring to your
ideas and plan for marriage and I have faith in you and your word, that a man
shall be joined to his wife and we shall be one flesh. That I will honor and love
my _____________________. That a man must love his wife and a woman
respect her husband, as such I will
God it says that a wife does not belong to herself nor does a husband belong
to himself but that they belong to one another, and I say amen, Let your will be
done Father, your word says that the wife must submit to the husband and the
husband give up his life for his wife, so I will _____________________
Father may your word be the foundation upon which this marriage is built, God
hates divorce, and that will never be a option, God I understand the sanctity of
the marriage bed, because it is there that the marriage, the joining of flesh
actually occurs, not the ceremony and paperwork done before man, we shall
be one flesh under you. God I thank you now, knowing you hear me and will
honor my prayer, for you said it is not good to be alone. God I bow my head to
worship you and lift your name to praise you, and I pray this all in Jesus Name,
Amen Amen Amen.