Prayer to save a
say that you will cleanse us from our sins if we confess to you, Father I am a
says directly, God hates divorce, Father I stand on that word for
marriage. Father you know and see all, there is nothing that happens that is
hidden from you, God help this marriage, what ever is lacking, whatever is
broken, God I ask in Jesus name, for your Spirit to reveal and teach, and to
heal. God I pray  today, ____________________________________, that
you will bring about a change, I stand in faith that no matter what, there will be
your guiding hand to comfort and direct, no matter what words are said, no
matter what lines are crossed, nothing is too hard for you, and all things are
possible with you. God teach ______________________________ to love,
as you say in 1 Corinthians 13, love with out restraint and with out judgment
and with out regret. God teach ___________________________ to love like
that. God one of the manifestations of your Holy Spirit living and dwelling in
someone is Love, teach love for you are Love, show
____________________________and ____________________________
how to love in such a way, that no obstacle, circumstance or situation, no plan
of the enemy shall ever prosper, God I understand the enemy will attack, but
you promised to never leave or forsake and that You are greater than he who
is in the world. God your word also promise in 1 John 3:20 that you are greater
than emotions, so cover
________________________________________ emotions and allow only
your love to be felt. God there are many precepts about a working marriage
that you teach in the word, a woman submitting to her husband and a husband
laying down his life for his wife, for the man to love his wife and the wife to
respect the husband, and even though these aren't always easy to do, I pray
for them in this marriage. God I stand on your word that you have promised will
outlive heaven and earth, I pray Father that my prayer lives in your will and
word, and Father I lift your name to praise you and bow down to worship you,
and I pray this all in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen Amen Amen.
Below is a formated prayer, where you fill in the names and and
led, and share and or modify it as necessary. Always be led by
God. You are free to use and replicate this and all other formated
prayers as necessary, please keep in mind the effort and time that
went into making them, and pray for the writers, and if so led by
God feel free to support this ministry of prayer here.